H5R_OBJECT is the reference class for objects. Users should not create this class by themselves, but use the appropriate and instead use the create_reference methods of H5D, H5Group or H5File classes.


Object of class H5R_OBJECT.


new(num = 0, id = NULL)

Create a new reference for object; Usually, users shouldn't have to call this, but use the create_reference method of a dataset, group of committed datatype

dereference(object_access_pl = h5const$H5P_DEFAULT, obj = NULL)

Dereference an H5R reference. The file the reference is pointing to is assigned automatically This function implements the HDF5-API function H5Rdereference. Please see the documentation at https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/HDF5/H5R_DEREFERENCE for details.Parameters


Overriding the default file the reference is referring to


The object-access property list. Currently always the default