A small post for today. Just to note that there is now an online-CV available in the “About” tab above. It should give a much easier overview than my current linkedin page.

hdf5r version 1.3.1 released

I just pushed a maintenance release of hdf5r to CRAN. In this release, no user facing changes are occuring. It fixes 2 issues:

  • Adding a missing package “formatR” to the “Suggests” lists as it is needed in the examples
  • A new version of gcc is being used for R compilation, and one of the default flag settings has changed. Now -fno-common is being used (gcc flags). Due to this a few issues cropped up as I was initializing an array in a header file that was included multiple times.

Latest Posts

Configuring bash in Docker

This is the first of a series of posts dealing with questions around using docker containers in data science.

hdf5r version 1.3.3 released

Another maintenance release of hdf5r. An update to the bit64 had caused a test to fail. The error was actually in the test itself, not the code it tested and was failing due to another bug that had been fixed in bit64. All fixed again.

Reinforcement learning Nanodegree finished

I just finished the Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree on Udacity (Certificate). Reinforcement Learning is a cutting edge research field where very important advances using Deep Learning are being made very quickly. Some experts even believe that this can be the path to true artificial intelligence.